Apply for calibration of cabs and rental cars

Service Description

To ensure that the passenger, who has been informed by the taximeter or the odometer determined by the taximeter or the odometer, checks

the responsible calibration authority annually the correct functioning of the taximeter

functioning of the taximeter. The odometers in

rental cars are biennial rhythm checked every two years. This is

by the calibration obligation of these devices prescribed by law.

In addition calibration of a taximeter, fare indicator

or odometer is always required after

  • reprogramming or pulse adjustment of a built-in device device or
  • repair / overhaul of a built-in device that has already conformity assessed or calibrated measuring device or
  • Replacement of a meter in existing meters or rental cars without change the vehicle use (cab remains cab or rental car remains rental car).

The calibration takes place on the chassis dynamometer and the test track

and can be throughout distributed throughout the year.

You must the calibration at the responsible calibration office. To

extension the calibration period you must you the calibration at least

ten weeks before the expiry of the calibration period and have

necessary to have the vehicle here at the known

opening hours at the verification office .

You as the user of a measuring meter are obliged to

or the rental car by a suitable driver for calibration. The driver must be in a position to test on the roller dynamometer the entering the test stand, lowering and steering the cab or rental car during the the entire duration of the calibration as the driver . for the entire duration of the calibration. The method of the metrological testing is determined by the responsible calibration office.

During the verification or conformity assessment and use of

taximeters and odometers it is necessary that the

vehicle complies with the permissible tires equipped tires. In the past

were the permitted tire sizes in the vehicle registration document and in the

vehicle registration document. These have been replaced by the registration certificate part 1 and part 2.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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