Apply for recognition as an expert for high-pressure gas pipelines

Service Description

Experts inspect high-pressure gas pipelines and their associated facilities that serve the public supply before construction to ensure that the planned pipeline/facility meets the quality requirements of the High-Pressure Gas Pipeline Ordinance. Furthermore

High-pressure gas pipelines must be tested for leaks, strength and the presence of the necessary safety equipment by an expert before being put into operation.

A further inspection is then usually carried out within one year of commissioning.

If you wish to work as an expert in the field of high-pressure gas pipelines and

belong to an accredited inspection body or are certified by an accredited certification body, you will also require recognition from the responsible body.

You can be recognized as an expert for high-pressure gas pipelines serving the public supply if you are an expert

  • a technical inspection organization,
  • a materials testing institute under public law or
  • the German Association of Gas and Water Experts (DVGW).

However, as a DVGW expert or DVGW expert, you may only carry out tests on compressor, control and measuring systems.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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