Registering heritable building rights to several properties or heritable building rights

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The heritable building right is the right to erect a building on a plot of land owned by someone else, usually against payment of a so-called ground rent. For this purpose, a ground lease contract is concluded in which an individual ground rent is fixed for a limited term (usually a maximum of 99 years). The ground rent, which is usually payable annually, is generally subject to free agreement between the parties. A ground lease can be sold, inherited or lent. The ground lease can be granted by municipalities, churches, foundations or private individuals.

A hereditary building right can also be granted to several properties or several hereditary building rights (overall hereditary building right). When a heritable building right is created for one or more heritable building rights (so-called sub-heritable building right or also total sub-heritable building right), the owner of the heritable building right passes on his authority to build. In principle, for the registration of these joint hereditary building rights, the plots of land concerned must be

  • in the same land registry district and
  • in the same cadastral office district and must be
  • be directly adjacent to each other.

In the interest of economically sensible arrangements, this requirement may be deviated from by way of exception if

  • the properties to be encumbered are close to each other and
  • the subject of the heritable building right is a uniform building or a building with associated ancillary facilities on the properties to be encumbered , or
  • the heritable building right is to be divided into apartment or partial heritable building rights.

Entry in the land register is effected by creation of the hereditary building land register and entry of the hereditary building right in the land registers or encumbrance of the existing hereditary building right by entry of the sub-hereditary building right by the competent land registry office.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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