Building - application for an exemption from a change restriction to secure urban land use planning

Service Description

An exception may be permitted from the change prohibition to secure urban land use planning if overriding public interests do not conflict with this. The decision on exceptions is made by the lower building supervisory authority together with the municipality.

The following can be affected by a change restriction

Construction, alteration, change of use of structural facilities,

large-scale fillings and excavations,

excavations, deposits including storage sites,

Removal of structural facilities,

significant or substantial changes in the value of land and buildings, the changes of which are not subject to approval, consent or notification.

In the case of projects in a formally defined redevelopment area or in an urban development area, the provisions of a change prohibition to safeguard urban development planning do not apply. In this case, approval must be obtained from the municipality.

The following are not affected by the change freeze to safeguard urban land use planning

Projects that have been approved under building law prior to the entry into force of the change restriction,

Projects of which the municipality is aware and the execution of which could have been commenced prior to the entry into force of the change restriction,

maintenance work and the continuation of a previously exercised use.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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