Apply for residence permit for job search for professionals with academic education

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You can obtain a residence permit to search for a job for skilled workers if you have a completed university degree. If you do not have a German university degree, your degree must either be recognized or comparable to a German university degree. You can have your degree recognized or determined to be comparable before you enter Germany (see further information).

If you are already in Germany, you can obtain a residence permit for the purpose of seeking employment if you were in possession of a residence title for gainful employment or a residence title for the purpose of an EU study-related internship immediately beforehand.

If you want to pursue employment in a regulated profession, the required occupational permit must already have been issued or promised at the time the residence title for the purpose of seeking employment is issued.

Regulated professions are professional activities whose admission or exercise is tied by legal or administrative regulations to the possession of certain professional qualifications. Professions regulated in Germany are, for example, doctor, nurse, lawyer, teacher, educator or engineer.

With the residence permit for job search, you can have a trial job, which the qualification qualifies you to do, for up to ten hours per week.

The residence permit is issued for up to six months.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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