Apply for a residence permit for the purpose of employment for qualified tolerated persons

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As a tolerated foreign person, you can obtain a residence permit to pursue employment if you have completed qualified vocational training or university studies in Germany. Qualified vocational training exists if you have completed vocational training in a state-recognized or comparably regulated training occupation. The duration of the training must have been at least two years.

If you have obtained your university degree abroad, you can obtain a residence permit if your foreign degree has been legally recognized in Germany or is comparable to a German university degree. The Central Office for Foreign Education is responsible for the recognition of foreign university degrees in Germany (see "Further Information"). In addition, it is required that you have been employed with your foreign university degree for two years without interruption in an occupation appropriate to the degree. The employment is appropriate if it usually requires an academic degree and the knowledge acquired with the university education is at least partially or indirectly required. Shorter interruptions of employment, which as a rule should not exceed a total duration of three months, are harmless.

You can also obtain a residence permit if you have acquired your professional qualification abroad, have been in qualified employment for three years without interruption and have not been dependent on public funds (with the exception of benefits to cover the necessary costs for accommodation and heating) for your livelihood and that of your family members or other household members within the last year before applying for the residence permit. Qualified employment exists if it is usually performed by persons with skills, knowledge and abilities acquired in qualified vocational training or academic education. Shorter interruptions (up to three months) are usually harmless,

The residence permit is issued for a limited period for the duration of the employment. For the holders of the training toleration, the residence permit is issued for two years if they want to pursue an occupation that corresponds to the qualification acquired in the vocational training.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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