Apply for a residence permit for the purpose of recognition of foreign professional qualification on the basis of an agreement of the Federal Employment Agency

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You can obtain a residence permit for the recognition of your foreign professional qualification if you have been placed in employment in the health and care sector (e.g. as part of the "Triple Win" program for the placement of care workers) on the basis of an agreement between the Federal Employment Agency and the labor administration in your country of origin or in another selected sector on the basis of an agreement.

They do not have to pursue a recognition procedure in Germany before the residence permit is issued. This can also be started after arrival in Germany. The overall procedure required for this is regulated in the placement agreement.

The Federal Employment Agency must have approved the pursuit of employment in the intended occupational field. The approval of the Federal Employment Agency is granted for a limited period of one year. Approval can be granted for the pursuit of employment in both regulated and non-regulated occupations if certain requirements are met.

Regulated professions are those for whose access and exercise special professional qualifications had to be acquired, such as doctors, architects, pharmacists. You can find out whether your profession is regulated in Germany, which laws govern it, and which office you should contact to check your qualifications on the information portal "Recognition in Germany" (see "Further information").

The Federal Employment Agency can grant its approval for employment in a regulated profession if the desired employment is closely related to the professional knowledge in the profession to be recognized after entry and other requirements are met (see "Requirements"). A close professional connection is given if, for example, you want to have your qualification as a health and pediatric nurse recognized and want to work as a nursing assistant during the recognition procedure.

The residence permit entitles you to work up to ten hours a week independently of the professional qualification to be recognized.

The residence permit for the recognition of the professional qualification based on an agreement of the Federal Employment Agency is a temporary residence title. It is issued for one year.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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