Apply for a residence permit for the purpose of school-based vocational training

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You can obtain a residence permit for the purpose of school-based vocational training if your training leads to a state-recognized vocational qualification and the training course at your educational institution is not aimed exclusively at nationals of one state.

The residence permit can be issued both for qualified vocational training and for vocational training that is not qualified.

Qualified vocational training exists if it is vocational training in a state-recognized or comparably regulated training occupation for which a training period of at least two years is specified according to federal or state regulations. If these requirements are not met, it is not qualified vocational training.

If you are aiming for qualified vocational training, you should generally be able to prove that you have sufficient language skills (language level B1). You can present suitable language certificates as proof. Alternatively, the training company can also confirm that your language skills are sufficient for the qualified vocational training you are seeking. If you do not yet have the required language skills, you can attend a job-related German language course to prepare for the training.

For taking up vocational training that is not qualified vocational training, there are basically no requirements for language skills. As a rule, however, at least sufficient German language skills at level A2 will be required.

During qualified vocational training, you may pursue employment for up to ten hours per week that is independent of your vocational training. Gainful employment alongside vocational training that is not qualified is not permitted. Self-employment is not allowed under any circumstances.

The residence permit for the purpose of school-based vocational training is a temporary residence permit. It is issued for the duration of the school-based vocational training.

Should your qualified vocational training be terminated prematurely for reasons for which you are not responsible, you may in principle be granted the opportunity to look for another training place for a period of up to six months.

The residence permit to attend school can also be granted on the basis of bilateral and multilateral agreements between the Länder and public bodies in other states.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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