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You are in possession of a residence permit due to exceptional hardship. The circumstances justifying hardship continue to exist. Then this residence permit can be extended for you if, due to special circumstances of the individual case, leaving the federal territory would continue to mean exceptional hardship for you.

In addition, the reasons justifying an obstacle to departure and the other reasons preventing termination of the residence permit must not have ceased to exist.

The general conditions for issuing a residence permit must continue to be met (in particular, the need to secure a livelihood, clarified identity, no interest in deportation), unless the Aliens' Registration Office has discretion to waive these conditions.

The extension of the residence permit still does not entitle you to gainful employment. It can only be permitted upon application by the Aliens' Registration Office.

A residence requirement can still be imposed on you.

You are entitled to social benefits (basic benefits for job-seekers according to the Third Social Security Code or basic benefits for old age or reduced earning capacity according to the Twelfth Social Security Code) and child benefits.

Family reunification is excluded.

They are not entitled to participate in an integration course. They can only be admitted to participate within the scope of available course places.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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