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General Explanation:

The real estate cadastre is an official register of real estate (parcels and buildings) for the entire territory of the state. The establishment and maintenance of the real estate cadastre is a sovereign state task and is carried out by the cadastral divisions of the Thuringian State Office for Land Management and Geoinformation (TLBG). The real estate cadastre combines the formerly separately kept real estate books (descriptive part) and real estate maps (descriptive part) in a geographic information system (also called ALKIS).

In Thuringia, the real estate register contains, among other things, information on

  • Territorial affiliation,
  • location,
  • area,
  • actual use with type of actual use and area,
  • buildings,
  • continuation certificate(s),
  • public-law determinations
  • booking (booking type, booking location in the land register) and
  • ownership.

Information on booking and ownership is taken from the land register for information purposes.

As a land owner, you need extracts, information and certificates relating to your land for numerous purposes (construction projects, bank loans, land division, sale of land, etc.). For this purpose, you can also apply for an extract from the real estate register with the details of the descriptive part of the real estate cadastre.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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