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There is a duty of notification for advising others on the use of plant protection products within the scope of commercial activities or other economic undertakings. The place of business and the place(s) of activity may be located in different federal states. Therefore, the notification has to be made separately at the respective locally competent authority before starting the activity. Notifiable activities in Thuringia must be reported to the Thuringian State Office for Agriculture and Rural Areas (TLLLR).

The duty of notification for consulting in plant protection concerns e.g. consultants of the industry, employees of consulting companies and consulting rings. Not meant here is the fulfillment of the duty to inform in the context of the sales talk for the dispensing of plant protection products.

Advice to others on the use of plant protection products within the framework of commercial activities or other economic undertakings may only be provided by qualified persons who have the necessary reliability and the required technical knowledge and skills and who have demonstrated these to the authorities. Changes in the group of persons and those affecting the operating details as well as the termination of the notifiable activity must also be reported immediately.

If all prerequisites and information are present, the official registration for consulting in the sense of § 10 Plant Protection Act in Thuringia takes place.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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