Apply for prequalification procedure in the supply and service sector (VOL/A)

Service Description

To participate in public contracts, your company must prove that none of the legally defined formal grounds for exclusion exist. The entry in the directory serves as proof of suitability, so that you then only need to provide an individual access code or enclose a copy of the certificate each time you submit a bid. As a prequalified company, there is a presumption of suitability. This means that public contracting authorities will only request evidence of your suitability in the event of justified doubts.

As a prequalified company or freelancer, you can be found using various search criteria such as name, registered office, CPV code, etc., for example when public clients are looking for suitable companies.

As a company from the supply and service sector (including freelancers) you can apply for registration. Only as a pure construction company you are excluded, because another directory exists for construction companies.

In order to retain your prequalification, you must submit your proof of suitability for preliminary examination once a year to the prequalification office responsible for your (main) place of business. After final inspection by the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce, your company will be entered in the official register.

In addition to the mandatory evidence, you can submit further evidence of the qualification of the company/freelancer. These are also subject to verification and can be viewed by the contracting authority as deposited documents.

The documents verified by the IHKs can only be viewed by the contracting authority that has the certificate with its specific access code. However, the official directory is generally accessible.

The directory is updated every day.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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