Chamber of Engineers - registration in the register of companies with consulting engineers (§ 9, § 10 ThürAIKG)

Service Description

The Chamber of Engineers of Thuringia, as a public corporation, has been assigned, among other things, the task of keeping a register of companies with consulting engineers, insofar as this is a corporation (e.g. GmbH, Aktiengesellschaft) or a partnership company (also partnership company with limited professional liability).

The entry in the company register is designed to ensure that the professional designations protected in the provisions of the ThürAIKG may only be used in the company name of a corporation and in the name of a partnership company if the prerequisites specified in the ThürAIKG are met and an entry has been made in the company register.

This serves to protect the confidence of the general public, including the interests of the client, and to create comparable conditions in the competitive relationship with natural professionals.

In contrast to natural professionals who have a protected professional title in the ThürAIKG and are a member of the chamber, such as "Consulting Engineer", companies do not become members of the Thuringian Chamber of Engineers by being entered in the register of companies.

With the registration in the register of companies it is ensured at the same time that the articles of association or the statutes meet the requirements specified in the ThürAIKG and that a sufficient professional liability insurance serving the interests of securing the existence and the consumer protection has been proven by the company.

In this context, it is of essential importance that the performance of professional duties within the meaning of § 1 ThürAIKG is included as an object in the provisions of the partnership agreement or the articles of association and that the professional titles used correspond to the company name or the name of the partnership.

The entry in the register of companies of the Chamber of Engineers of Thuringia is equivalent to an entry in a corresponding register of companies of a Chamber of Architects or Chamber of Engineers of another state, as far as the company has neither its registered office nor a branch in Thuringia.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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