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As a trainer, you must prove that you have the basic pedagogical, organizational and legal knowledge required for vocational training and that you are familiar with the important training methods.

The instructor qualification is indispensable in in-company training and continuing education, and is an important additional qualification in many areas of companies. It is a component of numerous advanced training degrees.

You prove this aptitude in an examination. The examination consists of a written and a practical part.

In the written part of the examination, you have to work on case-related tasks from all fields of activity. The written examination usually takes three hours. One examination set consists of approx. 70 tasks. This part of the examination is usually held as a PC examination.

In the practical part of the exam, you have to work through a typical training situation in a role play or presentation and then explain your approach in a technical discussion.

The examination is passed if each part of the examination has been assessed as at least "sufficient". Within an examination procedure, a failed examination can be repeated twice. Credit can be given for a part of the examination that has been passed.

You should prepare well for the exam. There are numerous private providers who offer preparatory courses, for example. However, this is not a legal requirement for registering for the exam.

The examinations take place on fixed dates at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Chamber of Crafts and other bodies responsible for vocational training.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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