Military service - health damage (military pension)

Service Description

After termination of his military service, a soldier who has suffered a military service injury receives, on application, a pension for the health and economic consequences of the military service injury in accordance with the Federal Pension Act (BVG). Similarly, civilians who have suffered a military service injury and the surviving dependents of an injured person also receive benefits upon application.

The pension can be paid in the form of a monthly annuity. Depending on the degree of injury (GdS), this includes

  • non-income-related benefits, such as basic pension, care allowance, severely disabled person's allowance, clothing allow ance, and
  • income-related benefits, such as compensatory pension, spouse's supplement, occupational injury compensation.

Surviving dependents' benefits for widows, widowers, orphans and parents are also regulated, as is the payment of death and burial benefits. There is also the option of assuming the costs of nursing care and institutionalization due to injury. Other benefits include medical and health care, welfare (war victims' welfare) and the provision of orthopedic aids.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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