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A declaration by which paternity to a child is acknowledged, as well as the mother's declaration of consent, can be notarized in any registry office, at youth welfare offices and before notaries. The father of a child is the man who is married to its mother at the time of birth, who has acknowledged paternity or whose paternity has been established by a court.

An effective acknowledgement of paternity can be made if there is no paternity of another man to this child. Acknowledgment of paternity becomes effective through the personal consent of the mother. Both consents are notarized in public form.

Acknowledgment of paternity is possible

  • to the child of a mother who is not married
  • to the child of a married mother, if the child was born after the commencement of divorce proceedings.

Acknowledgment of paternity is possible even before the child is born. This requires a declaration, which must be publicly notarized. The mother must agree to the acknowledgement of paternity. Both can appear together or separately at the Youth Welfare Office. In the case of recognition before birth or in the case of certification of birth, the father is entered in the register of births from the beginning, as is the case with married parents.

According to German law, the woman who gave birth to the child is the mother of the child. Recognition of maternity is generally not required. If a recognition of maternity or a declaration of consent by a legal representative is required, these must also be certified by a registry office, by the youth welfare office, or by notaries.

If the foreign home law of the mother or father requires a maternity recognition, it can also be publicly notarized. The same regulations apply as for paternity acknowledgment.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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