Do not allow explosives to be handled commercially

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Anyone wishing to handle explosive substances for non-commercial, i.e. private, purposes requires a permit in accordance with the Explosives Act. This also applies if you wish to purchase or transport explosive substances for non-commercial purposes.

Activities in connection with explosive substances have a great potential for danger. The aim of the Explosives Act is to protect people and property from these dangers. For this reason, the permit can be restricted in terms of content and space, as well as being subject to conditions, insofar as this is necessary to prevent hazards, disadvantages or nuisances for third parties.

In order to prevent accidents and misuse, explosives legislation places high demands on the suitability, reliability and expertise of persons who wish to handle explosive substances.

If you as a private person, want to handle the following explosive substances,

  • Black powder for muzzle loading,
  • firecracker powder for firecracker shooting,
  • nitrocellulose powder for reloading cartridge cases,
  • rocket motors in model rocketry of category P2 and
  • Fireworks of the category F3 and F4,
  • fireworks according to § 20 paragraph 4 of the First Ordinance to the Explosives Act of category F2

then you need a permit according to § 27 SprengG (colloquially also called Pulverschein, Böllerschein or Feuerwerkerschein)!

The official permit ensures that only those persons have access to explosive substances who meet the requirements for safe handling.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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