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Land consolidation (Flurneuordnung) refers to procedures for the reorganization of rural property in accordance with the German Land Consolidation Act (Flurbereinigungsgesetz, FlurbG).

Through the reorganization of ownership and accompanying infrastructure measures (e.g. rural road construction), conflicts of use are to be eliminated and the rural area better developed. At the same time, land can be made available for third-party measures.

Expenses incurred by the landowners involved (participants) in the implementation of the procedures (e.g. costs for road construction and surveying) can be subsidized as implementation costs.

Since a land consolidation procedure usually has a duration of several years, it is important to choose the appropriate type of procedure. The type of procedure selected is always the one with which the desired objectives can be achieved as simply, quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

The FlurbG distinguishes between the following types of procedure:

  • Regular land consolidation according to § 1 FlurbG
  • Simplified land consolidation according to § 86 FlurbG
  • Corporate land consolidation according to § 87 FlurbG -> choice for large-scale construction projects, e.g. freeway construction
  • Accelerated consolidation procedure according to § 91 FlurbG
  • Voluntary land swap according to § 103a FlurbG (special case)

Further information on land consolidation / land readjustment can be found on the website of the Thuringian State Office for Land Management and Geoinformation.of the (TLBG) can be found, see link:

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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