Motor vehicle registration - registering new or used motor vehicles

Service Description

Vehicles can be registered to private individuals and legal entities or companies as vehicle owners, i.e. also to

  • companies,
  • authorities or
  • associations.

For a new vehicle, you must submit an application for registration to your registration authority. New vehicles are vehicles that

  • are being used on public roads for the first time and
  • have not previously been registered in Germany or abroad.

For a used vehicle that

  • has previously only been used on non-public property (for example, on an airport site) or
  • was previously only registered abroad

you must submit an application for initial registration to the relevant registration authority.

Once your car has been registered, you will receive the registration papers and your personal license plate number from the registration authority.

Note: For a used vehicle that has already been registered, you only need to submit an application for re-registration in the event of a change of owner.

There are different registration procedures:

  • Vehicle registration: New vehicles
  • Vehicle registration: re-registration of a vehicle that has been taken out of service
  • Registration of vehicles/trailers from EU member states
  • Registration of vehicles/trailers from non-EU member states

The application can be made by the applicant in person or by an authorized representative.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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