Driver's license for passenger transport exhibition apply

Service Description

If you transport passengers in a motor vehicle and a permit is required for this transport in accordance with the Passenger Transport Act (e.g. in a cab, rental car or passenger car in regular service, for commercial excursions or to vacation destinations), you require a driver's license for passenger transport (FzF) in addition to the general driver's license. The same applies if you transport passengers in an ambulance on a paid or commercial basis. The prerequisite is that you have passed the necessary examinations.

A driver's license for passenger transport (FzF) is not required for

  1. Ambulances of the German Federal Armed Forces, the German Federal Police, the police as well as the troops and civilian entourage of the other signatory states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO),
  2. ambulances of the Civil Protection, if they are used for its purpose,
  3. ambulances of fire departments and rescue services recognized by state law.

If you hold a class D or D1 driver's license, you need a FzF only if you drive a cab.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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