Motor vehicle registration certificate technical change report

Service Description

The following changes in vehicle or keeper data must be reported immediately to the registration authority for the purpose of changing the vehicle registers and the registration certificate(s):

1. changes in data concerning the keeper,

2. change of vehicle class according to Annex XXIX of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations,

3. change of engine capacity, rated power, fuel type or energy source,

4. increase of the maximum design speed,

5. reduction of the maximum design speed, if this is relevant to the driving license or registration,

6. modification of the permissible axle loads, the total mass, the drawbar load or the trailer load,

7. increase in vehicle dimensions, except for passenger cars and motorcycles,

8. change in the number of seats or standing places in the case of motor buses,

9. changes in exhaust or noise levels, provided that they affect the motor vehicle tax or traffic restrictions,

10. changes that require an exemption under § 47,

11. modifications whose immediate entry in the registration certificate is required on the basis of a note in the ABE, in the expert opinion or parts certificate.

Other changes to vehicle or owner data must be reported to the registration authority when the registration certificate is next referred to it.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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