Apply for funding for sustainable, innovative and future-proof local transport

Service Description

The Free State of Thuringia supports projects for the introduction of emission-free mobility in local road passenger transport (StPNV) and local rail passenger transport (SPNV) in Thuringia.

You will receive funding for

  • Feasibility studies to prepare investments in local public transport;
  • resulting investment projects,
    • such as expenditure for the purchase of zero-emission vehicles,
      • the conversion to environmentally friendly buses and trains,
      • retrofitting fossil-fueled vehicles with zero-emission drives in local public transport and regional rail transport
      • acquisition of automated vehicles in local road passenger transport,
    • Investments to set up a refueling and charging infrastructure in local public transport and regional rail transport,
    • expenditure to ensure the maintenance and repair of vehicles with zero-emission drives in depots and workshops in local public and regional passenger transport;
  • municipal, cross-modal mobility concepts in accordance with the guidelines for sustainable urban mobility plans.

You receive the funding as a subsidy

  • of up to 60% for the purchase of vehicles with zero-emission drives. This is possible as partial financing.
  • of up to 70% for investments in refueling and charging infrastructure as well as depot conversion for maintenance and repair. This is possible as partial financing.
  • up to 70% for feasibility studies and mobility concepts/SUMPs. Funding is possible via a lump sum as fixed-amount financing.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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