Apply for funding for flood protection and watercourse development

Service Description

The Free State of Thuringia supports you in projects for watercourse development and flood protection.

You will receive funding for projects to reduce the risk of flooding by

  • Recovering natural retention areas by dismantling and relocating dykes,
  • New construction or expansion of dams or flood protection facilities
  • Use of mobile flood protection systems
  • Watercourse development measures to improve the drainage capacity
  • Technical concepts, planning and preparatory studies and
  • initial equipment for the provision of water protection services.

You will also receive funding for projects to develop watercourses by

  • the creation of near-natural watercourse structures or the initiation of near-natural development,
  • the improvement of riparian habitats
  • the improvement of river continuity and
  • the creation of water development concepts and plans.

You will also receive funding for beaver-induced additional expenses.

You can also receive funding for the creation of river continuity at third-party facilities.

You receive the funding as a grant.

The amount of funding depends on the type of measure.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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