Chamber of architects - right to use the professional title "interior architect" / "Innenarchitektin" (foreign qualification, establishment)

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The professional title "interior architect" / "Innenarchitektin" is regulated in Thuringia. This means that the use of this professional title is bound by legal regulations (Thuringian Chamber of Architects and Engineers Act - ThürAIKG -) to the possession of certain professional qualifications.

If you wish to settle permanently in Thuringia and use the professional title "Interior Architect" / "Innenarchitektin", you must be registered in the corresponding list of architects at the Chamber of Architects of Thuringia. The registration must be applied for.

Registration in the list of architects specializing in interior design and thus the right to use the professional title "Interior Architect" is helpful for the exercise of your professional activity, but is not a mandatory requirement. This means that you can apply for a job on the job market without being registered as an interior architect (e.g. as an employee in an architectural office). However, you are then not allowed to use the protected professional title of "interior architect" and are not authorized to submit building plans for the structural changes to buildings associated with the professional task of an interior architect.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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