Animal welfare - apply for funding

Service Description

As the livestock farmer, you can receive support for the voluntary introduction or maintenance of particularly animal-friendly husbandry methods.

The adaptation of production structures to further increasing requirements with regard to animal welfare, in connection with sustainable agricultural production in livestock farming, is associated with considerable additional costs.

This grant is intended to compensate you, at least proportionately, for process-related additional costs in the context of the management of certain husbandry methods.

The measures are as follows:

Cattle measure group

  • Measure R 1: Summer grazing of cattle
  • R 11 Support level 1/ grazing for 4 months
  • R 12 Support level 2/ grazing for 5 months

Measure group Pigs

  • Measure S 1: Bedding of pigs (all production stages)
  • Measure S 2: Animal welfare sow husbandry
    • S 21 D Support level 1/ mating area
    • S 21 A Support level 1/ Farrowing area
    • S 21 W Support level 1/ waiting area
    • S 22 D Support level 2 / mating area
    • S 22 A Support level 2/ farrowing area
    • S 22 W Promotion level 2/ waiting area
    • S 23 D Promotion level 3 / mating area
    • S 23 A Promotion level 3/ farrowing area
    • S 23 W Support level 3/ waiting area
  • Measure S 3: Animal welfare piglet rearing and fattening
    • S 31 Support level 1
    • S 32 Support level 2
    • S 33 Support level 3
  • Measure S 4: Roughage (all production stages)

Group of measures Genetic resources

Measure G: Native livestock breeds threatened with extinction

Amount of funding applied for

The grant is awarded to you as project funding by way of fixed-amount financing in the form of a non-repayable annual subsidy. The amount of the grant is generally based on the scope of the commitment in livestock units (LU) or animal places. It is calculated on the basis of the number of animals or animal places that you can prove you keep during the commitment period in accordance with the grant requirements.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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