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Urban land use planning is the most important planning instrument for guiding and ordering the urban development of a municipality. It is divided into
  • Preparatory urban land use planning (§§ 5 - 7 BauGB):
    Preparation of the land use plan for the entire municipality and
  • Binding urban land use planning (§§ 8 - 10a, 12 BauGB):
    Preparation of development plans for
    spatial sub-areas of the municipality's territory.

Land use plan:
The land use plan is a preparatory urban land use plan drawn up by the municipality. It outlines the intended urban development of the municipality. However, no legal claims for the granting of a building permit can be derived from it. The refusal of a building permit for a project in the outer area can be justified with the deviation from the land use plan.

Zoning Plan:
As a statute, the development plan is binding local law. It is drawn up by the municipality. The development plan bindingly regulates the structural and other use of land located within its area. A building permit is issued if the planned construction project does not conflict with the development plan.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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