Requesting information from the Central Trade Register

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Information from the Central Trade Register shows whether you have previously violated any trade law provisions. 

This information also serves as proof of your personal reliability if, for example, you wish to practice a trade requiring a permit (running a restaurant or acting as a real estate broker, for example) or a trade requiring supervision (such as a used car salesman or travel agent).

The following events are recorded in the Central Trade Register:

  • Refusals of applications for a trade permit, withdrawals and revocations of granted permits, disqualifications from practising a trade, refusals of requests for certificates of competency under Section 20 of the Explosives Act [Sprengstoffgesetz] and withdrawals of those certificates, withdrawals of authorisations to recruit or train trainees, prohibitions on employing, supervising, instructing or training children and young people,
  • Trade permit waivers,
  • Decisions on financial penalties of more than EUR 200 in connection with trade licences, and
  • Certain criminal convictions in connection with practising a trade.

Note: The Central Trade Register does not contain information on all traders in Germany. This information can be found in the Trade Register [Gewerberegister], which contains details on company owners such as name, date of birth and address, and company information such as details of the executive board, addresses and registered activity.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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