Vehicle registration plate Apply for red vehicle registration plate (red transfer plate)

Service Description

As a reliable tradesperson in the vehicle industry (for example, vehicle manufacturers, vehicle dealers, vehicle workshops), technical testing center (TP), technical service (TD) designated under the EC Vehicle Approval Regulation (EG FGV) to test complete vehicles of the respective vehicle class, and recognized monitoring organization (ÜO) under the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations ( StVZO), you can apply for the red license plate for unregistered vehicles. These license plates can be used by authorized persons on unregistered vehicles.

You may only use red license plates for the following journeys:

  • Test drives: determining and proving the serviceability of a vehicle
  • Test drives: Carrying out the test of a vehicle by
    • officially recognized experts or
    • an inspector for motor vehicle traffic or
    • a test engineer of an officially recognized inspection organization
  • Transfer journeys: The vehicle is to be taken to another location.

The registration authority issues the red license plate and the special vehicle registration book after Road Traffic Licensing Regulations temporary or revocable. It is not permanently assigned to any vehicle.

You can use it

  • several times,
  • but only for your own operation and
  • for the permitted journeys

The vehicle registration booklet with the vehicle data entered in each case must be carried along on each journey. The license plate holder must keep records of each test drive, inspection drive or transfer drive carried out at the business premises as prescribed.

As a private individual, you will not receive a red license plate.

With the red license plate, you must use the special vehicle registration book.

The license plate number always starts with "06" for tradesmen in the motor vehicle industry, and always with "05" for TP, TD and ÜO.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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