Allow animals breeding, keeping and trade

Service Description

You need a permit for the commercial handling of animals if you wish to carry out the following activities on a commercial basis:

  • Breeding, keeping or trading of vertebrate animals other than farm animals.
  • Maintenance of a riding and driving operation
  • Exhibition of animals
  • Control of vertebrate animals as pests
  • bring vertebrate animals other than farm animals into Germany for sale (sale for a fee)
  • Train dogs for third parties or instruct the training of dogs by animal owners.

This permit is also required if you

  • keep animals in an animal shelter or similar institution
  • keep and exhibit animals in a zoological garden or other institution
  • train dogs for third parties, maintain facilities for this purpose or instruct the training of dogs by the animal owner
  • bring or import vertebrate animals into the country for the purpose of giving them away for a fee or for a consideration, or arrange for such animals to be given away for a fee or for a consideration
  • Conduct animal exchanges for the purpose of exchange or sale of animals by third parties.

Notice: You do not need the permit to keep farm animals.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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