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Service Description

School transportation is the necessary transportation of pupils on their way to school. There is an entitlement to school transport

  • for pupils of the elementary school and the special school up to grade 4 with a school route of at least two kilometers,
  • for pupils of regular schools, grammar schools, comprehensive schools and special schools from grade 5 onwards and for pupils of basic vocational training years, vocational preparation years, two-year technical secondary schools and vocational schools that do not offer vocational qualifications, for a distance of at least three kilometers to school.

A minimum limit does not apply if the route to school poses a particular risk to the safety and health of the pupils or if pupils have to be transported because of a permanent or temporary disability. From grade 11 of the Gymnasium including special schools and classes as well as the three-year gymnasiale Oberstufe associated with the comprehensive school or a school according to § 4 (4) ThürSchulG, parents, or in the case of students of full age, the students themselves, may contribute to the transportation costs. This also applies to students of the vocational high school, the two-year technical high school and those vocational schools that do not provide a vocational qualification. The transport and reimbursement obligation only applies to the shortest route between the pupil's home and the nearest state school that can accommodate the pupil and which enables him/her to obtain the school-leaving qualification he/she is aiming for.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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Application for reimbursement of school transportation costs for students in vocational schools