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If you have given birth to a child, its birth must be reported to the relevant registry office. This is usually done with the help of the facility where the child is born or the midwife who attends the birth at home. As parents, you are responsible for ensuring that the notification is made.

The following data are recorded in the birth register::

  • The first and last names of the parents, as well as, at the request of one parent, his or her legal affiliation with a religious community that is a public corporation,
  • the place, day and hour and minute of birth, the sex and the first and family names of the child.

On the basis of the certification made in the birth register, the registrar may issue a birth certificate upon request.

The mother of the child is the woman who gave birth to the child.

In the case of a married mother, the father of the child is the husband. If the child is born after the husband's death, that husband is considered the father, provided the birth occurred within 300 days of the husband's death. If the mother is divorced and the child is born after the divorce decree has become final, the former husband is not considered the child's father.

If the mother is not married at the time of birth, a man can only be registered as the father at the time of birth certification if he has already acknowledged paternity. Otherwise, the registry office will subsequently enter the father in the birth register.

On the basis of the certification made in the birth register, the registrar can issue a birth certificate or a certified printout from the birth register upon request.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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