Receive instruction and certificate according to the Infection Protection Act for activities with foodstuffs

Service Description

You want to work in the food manufacturing or processing industry, in the food trade or in the catering trade, or you want to start your own business.

In particular, the contagious diseases listed in Section 42 (1) IfSG can be transmitted to other people via food. For this reason, the Infection Protection Act prohibits people from certain activities in the food sector if they are suffering from such a disease. In the implementation of the regulation, it is particularly important that persons cooperate on their own responsibility. To ensure that you are aware of the relevant legal regulation and your obligations if you wish to carry out such activities, the Infection Protection Act stipulates that you must be instructed accordingly by the Health Department before commencing the activity. In addition, you must confirm in writing that there are no indications that you are prohibited from working. The health office will issue a certificate to this effect. As a rule, the instructions also teach the principles of infection hygiene for handling foodstuffs.

Such prior instruction and certification is required for the following activities if the activity is performed on a commercial basis:

  1. Production, handling or placing on the market of the following foodstuffs, if you come into contact with the foodstuffs or with commodities (for example, when cleaning dishes) in such a way that pathogens can be transmitted:
    • Meat, poultry meat and products thereof
    • Milk and milk-based products
    • fish, crustaceans or molluscs and products thereof
    • Egg products
    • Infant and young child food
    • Ice cream and ice cream semi-products
    • Baked goods with fillings or toppings that are not baked through or heated through
    • Delicatessen, raw vegetable and potato salads, marinades, mayonnaises, other emulsified sauces, nutritional yeasts
    • Sprouts and sprouting seeds for raw consumption and seeds for the production of sprouts and sprouting seeds for raw consumption.
  2. Activity in kitchens of restaurants and other establishments with or for communal catering.

The regulation applies to both employees and self-employed persons. Volunteers can also be considered to be engaged in "commercial" activities.

The certificate from the health authority only has to be obtained once before the first time a corresponding activity is carried out. The certificate is valid nationwide and for an unlimited period. If you already have a health certificate according to the former Federal Law on Epidemics, you no longer need a certificate. The old certificates remain valid.

For the instruction, you must make an appointment at your health office. After the instruction, you will be given the certificate of attendance.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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