Review facilities requiring a permit

Service Description

As the operator of an upper-tier operating area, you are required to prepare a safety report containing at least the data and information listed in Annex II of the Major Accidents Ordinance. The safety report must be submitted to the competent authority within a reasonable period set by the competent authority before commissioning.

Safety reports shall be reviewed regularly, namely:

  1. at least every five years,
  2. in the case of an incident-relevant modification pursuant to Sec. 3 para. 5b of the Federal Immission Control Act,
  3. after an event in accordance with Annex VI, Part 1, and
  4. at any other time if new circumstances so require or in order to take into account the new state of safety-related knowledge as well as current findings for the assessment of hazards.

Insofar as the review reveals that significant effects could arise with regard to the hazards associated with an incident, you must update the safety report without delay. The updated parts of the safety report must be submitted to the competent authority without delay, in the case of an incident-relevant change at least one month before the change is implemented.

The competent authority is obliged to inform you of the result of its examination of the safety report within a reasonable period of time, insofar as the safety report is not the subject of an immission control licensing procedure.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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