Apply for registration or approval according to Regulation (EC) No. 183/2005 and Feed Regulation for Farmers

Service Description

You are a farmer and produce feed (e.g. green fodder, silage, hay, grain, oilseeds, legumes), which you may feed on your own farm to food-producing animals (including horses) and/or give the produced feed to third parties (farmers, land traders, livestock farmers) (sale, giving away, exchange, etc.).

You are a farmer and produce your own feed mixtures. For this purpose, you use feed produced on your own, purchased straight feed (e.g. soybean meal, rapeseed cake) and/or compound feed (e.g. dairy performance feed, mineral feed, supplementary feed).

You are a farmer who uses an ensiling agent in ensiling.

You are a farmer who mixes additives (e.g. urea) or premixes containing additives into your on-farm feed mixture. Then you need a registration according to the Feed Hygiene Regulation (EC) No. 183/2005 and Feed Regulation.

A farmer who mixes coccidiostats (agents against coccidiosis), histomonostats (agents against protozoa => protozoa) or premixes containing these additives into farm-produced feed requires a registration.

For farmers from Thuringia, the application must be completed in full and submitted to Department 21 of the Thuringian State Office for Agriculture and Rural Areas (TLLLR) in Jena.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

Competent Authority

Thüringer Landesamt für Landwirtschaft und Ländlichen Raum (TLLLR) - Referat 21 - Futtermittel- und Marktüberwachung, Düngung und Bodenschutz

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