Traffic offences - granting access to files

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If it is suspected or established that you have committed a traffic violation, the following may be issued at your discretion

  • a warning without a fine (verbal warning) may be issued,
  • offered a warning with a warning fee


  • proceedings may be instituted against you by the administrative fine authority.

be initiated against you.

The type of punishment and the amount of the warning fine or the fine depend on the severity of the traffic offense and are determined by the catalog of fines.

A warning with a fine is only possible if the traffic offense committed is punished with an amount of at least 5 €, but not more than 35 €, and you agree with this. You can then pay the fine immediately or transfer it to the payment office of the fine authority within one week. You will receive a payment receipt for this.

If the traffic offense committed is punishable by an amount of at least €40 or if you do not agree with the warning with a warning fine, fine proceedings will be initiated against you.

If no formal hearing took place on the spot, you will first receive a form from the fine authority regarding the facts of the case, the so-called hearing form. You are then a party to the proceedings for the imposition of a fine. You can comment on the accusation against you, but you do not have to. However, you are obliged in any case to provide complete and correct information about yourself in writing and to return the hearing sheet to the fine authority. You will be given a deadline for the return.
The fine authority will then decide whether to discontinue the fine proceedings or issue a fine notice against you. If a penalty notice is issued and you agree to it, there is a payment deadline of one week. If you do not agree, you can appeal against the penalty notice within two weeks. If you do not do so and do not pay within the time limit, the penalty notice is enforceable.


For certain traffic violations (e.g. exceeding the speed limit or violating the 0.5 per mille limit), the fine catalog also provides for the entry of one or more points in addition to the fine.

Driving ban

For certain traffic violations, in addition to the fine and points, the catalog of fines also provides for the ordering of a ban on driving any type of motor vehicle (including mopeds). The driving ban can be ordered by the fine authority for a period of one, two or three months. If you still drive a motor vehicle, you are liable to prosecution for driving without a license (§ 21 StVG).

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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