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When traveling abroad, children must also show identification when crossing the border. For German children, a children's passport or a separate passport can be considered for this purpose. It is also possible to apply for an ID card for children (e.g. for travel within the EU).

The children's passport replaces the previous children's ID card. This has no longer been issued or renewed since January 1, 2006. The advantage of the children's passport is that it is more forgery-proof, which means that it is likely to be more widely accepted in other countries.

A child's passport is issued to minors up to the age of 12 and must contain a photograph regardless of the child's age. The child's passport is valid for six years, but no longer than until the child reaches the age of twelve. Children's entries in the parents' passport are invalid as of 26.06.2012 and no longer entitle the child to cross the border. As of this date, all children (from birth) must have their own travel document when traveling abroad. For parents as passport holders, however, the document remains valid without restriction.

The child passport can be extended until the child reaches the age of twelve. In this context, it must be provided with a current photograph.

The loss of the child's passport must be reported immediately.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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