Apply for gun ownership card for shooting sport clubs

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Basically, you always need a permit to acquire and possess weapons and ammunition.

In general, firearms are objects intended for attack or defense, signaling, hunting, distance injection, marking, sport or play, and in which projectiles are propelled through a barrel or in which solid bodies are fired in a targeted manner, the propulsive energy of which can be introduced by muscle power or another energy source and stored or held by a locking device (for example, crossbows, arrow launchers).

A distinction is made between firearms requiring a permit and firearms not requiring a permit. A detailed list of weapons for the acquisition and possession of which you require a weapons possession card can be found in Annex 2 of the Weapons Act.

A weapons possession card can also be issued to a shooting sports club or a hunting association as a legal entity.

You must name at least one responsible person who must be reliable in terms of weapons law and personally suitable, as well as being able to demonstrate the required expertise. This person does not have to be authorized to represent the association, i.e., for example, not a member of the board of directors. If the responsible person leaves the association, you must inform the competent authority immediately and appoint a new responsible person within 2 weeks. Otherwise, the competent authority will revoke your permit to acquire and possess weapons (weapons possession card).

It is recommended that you inform yourself in detail about the regulations of the weapons law before applying.

In order to obtain permission to acquire and possess weapons and ammunition requiring a permit, the association must be registered in the association register and proof must be provided of the safe storage of weapons and ammunition. In addition, the need for the acquisition of club weapons must be demonstrated.

The responsible person appointed by you must

  • have the appropriate age and
  • be reliable in terms of weapons law and
  • personal suitability and
  • prove their expertise in handling weapons and ammunition.

It is advisable to name several responsible persons when submitting an application to the firearms authority.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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